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Banish The Semi-Mythical Freshman Fifteen Beast

Many studies (and even students themselves) suggest that the fateful, albeit semi-mythical Freshman Fifteen beast exists. Whether it is fact or fiction in your life, chances are great that between the sedentary sitting involved in attending class, late night studying, less than stellar meal plans, and the revelry of being a young adult, you’ve gained a few pounds. The good news is you’re not alone. And the even better news is if you make small changes in your daily routine, you can stop the semi-mythical beast of the Freshman Fifteen from settling on your physique.

Research has shown that we are what we eat and how we take care of our bodies greatly affects not only our moods but also our overall sense of well being. Fueling your mind and body with healthy foods will not only prevent weight gain but help you keep it off. Have nutritional snacks (like dried foods, nuts, and yogurt) within reach to resist the temptation of consuming junk during your next late night study session. And speaking of all nighters, studies show that people who get regular, consistent amounts of sleep are thinner than those who do not. Increase your sleep bank to ward off any unwanted extra pounds.

You can also avoid the Freshman Fifteen during your next visit to the dining hall. Choose the most wholesome, simple foods and avoid any (if not all) processed foods. If you attend a party, apply portion control and steer clear of high calorie alcoholic beverages like mixed drinks and beer. Replacing your favorite cocktail with low calorie alternatives like wine, light beer, and low or no calorie mixers will curb the possibility of weight gain.

Finally, get moving. Exercise will help you work off the stress that your studies create, increase the feel good hormones, and keep you from putting on the pounds. Hit the gym. Walk. Run. Take the stairs to class. Join a sports team. Make an extra loop around campus. Or find an activity you enjoy to effectively chase off that semi-mythical freshman fifteen beast.

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How Beer Saved The World

You know, we had a little fun with our post titled 25 Cheap Beers to Avoid at all Costs and got all kinds of shit as feedback. However, there’s a sense in which even cheap beer is good beer. As evidenced from this infographic that points out that not only were many of the Founding Fathers beer brewers but that beer literally saved humanity from disease.

All hail the great brew.

Beer Saved The World
Created by: Online Bachelor Degree Programs

10 Classic College T-Shirts

We got such a great response to our list of 28 Cliche Dorm Room Posters that we figured we should put together a list of funny College T-shirts. We’re sure we didn’t find all the best funny college t-shirts out there, so we’d love it if you’d add some suggestions in the comments.   Thanks!

1. FU from Animal House

anm504animal-house-fu-faber-university-posters continue reading…

10 Ways to Save Money at College (& Build Up Less Debt)

The cycle of debt begins in college. It starts with the student loan, established before your high school graduation. You are placed into a completely new environment where you are expected to create your own social networks, learn about careers, and cope with countless credit card offers. Many students succumb to the temptations of debt, and are forced to cope with it for many years after graduation.

Here are some suggestions designed to keep you out of debt, most of which apply not only to college life, but are lessons for the rest of your life.

  1. Pool your resources: Establish a central area inside your dorm room for food and other common items. Buying items in bulk saves a lot of money, and working together with your roommate places more money into the pool to buy more things. Each share needs to be equal, else disputes might arise.
  2. Stay away from credit cards: You probably receive a large number of credit card offers. The companies will entice you, drawing you in with initial offers of 0% or low percentages. After a few months, that great rate will sour. The real credit card rates for students are usually over 20%.
  3. Create a budget: You might be dependent on student loans and money from your parents, but you still have expenses. You might have laundry and books, food and gas. Budget your money according to your expected income, and try to stay within that budget. Put any excess funds into savings.
  4. Learn about thrift stores: Goodwill and other thrift stores are excellent resources for finding great deals on clothing, appliances, and furniture. You can find some amazing deals at thrift stores. Look around your area for the closest Goodwill, and be surprised.
  5. Tap water is tasty: Tap water is free. After you have drained a water bottle, fill it with tap water. You will have the same effect. If you chill the water, you cannot taste the tap water’s imperfections. Switching to tap water can save you a lot of money.
  6. Used books: You can spend a fortune on new books. Fortunately, there are people on campus who have taken the course. You can borrow books from friends and older students. You might be able to purchase used versions of your books at the campus store or online. Buying new is not your only alternative.
  7. Pay bills on time: Pay your bills on time. Many companies will let you pay late on their bills, but they will also charge you inconvenient late fees. Sometimes the late fees can become more than the cost of the bill. When you receive a bill, take the time to pay it.
  8. Incentives: Companies around your area want your business. They will offer student discounts on everything from car repair to food. You can sometimes receive significant discounts, just for showing your student identification card.
  9. Movies: Watching first-run movies is great, but you can pay deadly for popcorn, drinks, and snacks. Eat before you go to the movies, and you will be able to downsize your selections. Choose to drink water, rather than that five dollar soda. The movie will be just as great, and you will have more money in your pocket.
  10. Software: There are some excellent free choices for antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware applications. There are trial versions of games. You can get an entire open-source office suite for free. Save your money by going with freeware or shareware.

Staying out of debt is only possible with a lot of effort and persistence. Each small effort against debt adds to the whole, just as each expense adds to the debt which you have. You can be debt free when you leave college.

U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges 2011 … The Top 10

Whether you like it or not, students use college rankings to make decisions about where to go. How a college or university is perceived matters to students because they know that their future employers will care too.

College rankings are all over the place, but the most prestigious and most often cited is U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges. Their college rankings for 2011 recently came out and here are the top 10:

1) Harvard University
2) Princeton University
3) Yale University
4) Columbia University
5) Stanford University
6) University of Pennsylvania
7) California Institute of Technology*
7) Massachusetts Institute of Technology*
9) Dartmouth College
10) Duke University

*These two schools were tied

10 Ways To Get Better Sleep In College

Getting sleep in college is sort of like getting water in a desert.  It’s hard to come by, but when you get it, it feels great.

Last night we ran across this cool article called 10 Ways To Get A Good Night’s Sleep While Living In A Dorm Room and here’s what they say (visit their site for all the details):

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25 Cheap Beers to Avoid at All Costs

Cheap beer means different things to different people. To the uppity corporate executive, it’s a burden to be tolerated, but never endured by choice. To the party-going college student, it’s a fact of life, no more questioned or fussed over than small dorms and uncomfortable matresses. But no matter where you stand, cheap does not usually mean good! So what’s a taste-conscious beer drinker to do? Fear not, for we have assembled this list of 25 cheap beers to avoid so you wont have to learn the hard way.

[Note: We realize that taste is a subjective preference and some people will disagree with some of these beers. The idea was simply to list beers the average person would agree are cheap and bad.]

1) Schaefer

A former bartender we interviewed for this article was quoted as saying, “when I used to do that, the absolute WORST beer we sold was Shaefer.” Indeed, many a beer drinker can recall slogging down a can of Shaefer for its rock-bottom price and widespread availability. Amazingly, Shaefer was the top selling beer in Puerto Rico during the 70’s and 80’s, but it has fallen from grace considerably since then, and is now owned by the next beer on our list.

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28 Most Cliche Dorm Room Posters

As long as there have been dorm rooms, there have been dorm room posters. Some of these posters have more staying power than others, however, and many of them have grown to be so popular that it’s literally impossible to visit a college campus without seeing them. If you’ve ever visited someone at school, you have probably seen most or all of the posters that follow.

1. “College”

John Belushi in college

The grand daddy of all college posters is this classic John Belushi shot from the 80’s cult classic “Animal House.” Never before has one poster said so much, encapsulating the rebellious, party hard college lifestyle in one poster that every student can instantly identify with. If you plan on visiting a college campus anytime soon, you should expect to see this poster more often than any of the others, and if you’re moving into a dorm of your own, your roommate might already have one!
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5 College Study Tips to Manage Time, and Maximize Effectiveness

There are several things you can do to make your College experience the best it can be.  Of course you’re going to want to party as much as possible…to make as many memories as you can – but don’t forget about the whole “class” thing.

Here are 5 tips that will help you Survive those classes, and still give you time to party your ass off.

1. Schedule study time between classes - the best time in the world to study is between classes.  It helps you keep your mind on the “class” train of thought, and it gives you a bit of down time between lectures.  If you schedule all your classes back to back, by the time you finish them, you’re completely worn out, and you are much less likely to study.  By scheduling study time between classes you can get the work done during the day – so you can party at night.

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5 Things to do in College that will help you all your Life

College is probably going to be remembered as a great time in your life….but it’s going to shoot by before you know it.  As a result, you need to take advantage of the time you have now.  There are things you can do now that will help you in the future…and these 5 things will help you with life after college, but they can only be done, while you’re still on the inside.

5. Join A Fraternity or Sorority – There are two types of people in the world…people that can’t wait to join a frat in college, and people that hate all those people in frats in college.  There are more of the first type, but those of you in the second type list…you need to read this, and pay attention.  Joining a Fraternity or Sorority his a LIFE LONG association that will help you find jobs, get promoted, get into clubs, get discounts on t-shirts – you NAME IT…if you have a fraternity brother or sorority sister, it doesn’t matter if they even know who you are…you’ll still advantages that others won’t.

Is it fair?  Maybe not…but life isn’t fair.  Join up…you’ll thank me later.

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